26 Nigerian Migrant Women Found Dead

November 08, 2017

The bodies of 26 young Nigerian women and girls were found aboard a migrant boat in the Mediterranean Sea this weekend.

A Spanish warship, the Cantabria, rescued a total of 375 migrants from the boat, as well as recovering the bodies of the dead women.

The warship eventually docked in the Italian city of Salerno, where the deceased were brought ashore. The victims were aged between 14 and 18.

Italian prosecutors have begun an investigation into the cause of the women’s deaths as they suspect foul play.

Most of the survivors originated from Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, and Sudan, ninety of whom were women and 52 children. Eight of the women are pregnant.

According to Italian human rights group, L’Abbraccio, people-smuggling gangs charge migrants upwards of $6000 to travel from Africa to Europe.

Many migrants have reported experiencing violence by these gangs.

Salvatore Malfi, Prefect of Salerno, called the deaths “a tragedy for mankind”.