4 Tips for Spotting Fake News

May 08, 2019

In this current day and age of easy access to instant information and widespread news, it stands to reason that some of it might accidentally – or intentionally – be misleading.

You can never be too sure if the news article you are reading is warping the facts or telling them with a political lean so as to suit an agenda.

Here are four tips to help you spot the fake from the real news:

Check the Date

This one is obvious. Sometimes articles are rehashed and passed off as recent news but a little further reading can expose an article with outdated and/or false facts.

Check Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling

Does the article have obvious spelling errors? Is the exclamation mark being used excessively? Is the sentence structure poor? Odds are you might be reading news that is untruthful.

Check the Sources

When reading the content, look at who shared it and if the source is reliable, for example, a well known news website. If the credibility of the source can not be confirmed, the content is questionable and can not be trusted.

Ask a Professional

There are many verified websites you can visit to fact-check information, such as Snopes.com, FactCheck.org or PolitiFact.com. Always check with the professionals first!