5 Things to Do Instead of Using Your Smartphone

February 11, 2019

From scrolling through social media feeds to taking selfies, no doubt you – as well as countless other smartphone users – have been using your smartphone in your spare time more than you care to admit.

So, if you ever find yourself reaching for your smartphone as a distraction from daily life, why not try one of these five healthy alternatives:

Put a Pen (or Pencil) to Paper

Drawing, sketching or colouring pictures is a relaxing, creative outlet that sharpens your mind through imagination and thinking. Plus, it helps you feel productive, focused and good about yourself.

Keep a Journal

If you find the urge to type out messages on your phone, simply whip out your notebook and jot down anything that comes to mind, such as your personal thoughts and to-do lists. Additionally, studies have shown that writing down what you’re grateful for has a positive impact on overall happiness.

Spend Time with Your Pets

Watching cat videos might brighten your day, but spending time with your real-life furry friends is a real mood-booster. Studies show that owning a pet can significantly lower your stress levels. Don’t forget to play, take a walk or cuddle with your pets – they’ll appreciate it!

Reading is Fundamental

You’ll get more out of reading a paperback novel than a Facebook post. Reading a good old-fashioned book, newspaper or magazine article will reduce stress, improve your memory and – if it’s really a good read – expand your emotional intelligence.

Actually Call Someone

If you can’t dismiss the urge to use your phone to interact with others, simply give someone a call. Engaging in a conversation with a close friend over the phones beats writing emoji-laden text messages any day.