5 Ways to Stop Getting Sick in Winter

May 14, 2018

Many illnesses strike most frequently during winter months. Influenza, colds and upper respiratory infections are the most common illnesses affecting people during the frosty weather, and they are contagious, so staying healthy this season is of utmost importance.

Here are five ways you can avoid getting sick in winter:

Get a Flu Shot

This season, you are most likely going to find yourself surrounded by sick people, sneezing and coughing. Get vaccinated to help you avoid contracting any influenza viruses.

Keep Your Hands Clean

Avoid spreading germs and getting infected by washing your hands regularly. If you don’t have soap and water available throughout the day, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer, because it can kill flu and cold germs.

Drink Green Tea

As well as keeping you warm in winter, green tea is also packed with antioxidants, which could help your body stop the common cold virus from reproducing at its initial stage of infection.

Good Nutrition

Make sure you are eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables daily. Good nutrition is essential to a strong immune system. If there’s deficiency, your immune system will not function well, finding it more difficult to fight infections.


Getting physically active in winter will help you stay healthier during the colder months. Regular exercise will strengthen your immune system, and help your body to fight off viral and bacterial infections.