Buckets of Solar-Powered Fun

March 19, 2019

A new way of generating energy may come from the most simplest of methods – all you need are two buckets, a solar panel and some imagination.

This rare, low-tech development was presented at the American Physical Society on 6 March in Boston, Massachusetts.

Beth Parks, a physicist at Colgate University, explained that instead of using motorised parts, the solar panel rig works with the force of gravity, using a bucket of rocks and a bucket of water.

The bucket of rocks is initially counterbalanced against a bucket of water – which has a leak in it – and as the day progresses, the water bucket becomes lighter and the panel turns to face the sun.

She came up with and tested the idea over the course of a year while working at Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Uganda.

The cost of the frame is claimed to be 10% less than a standard rooftop installation and collects 32% more energy.

This innovation could prove to be immensely useful to those looking to live off-the-grid, or for developing countries with unreliable power supplies.

Image Credit: Source