Could You Have a Sleep Disorder?

April 06, 2018

We all struggle to sleep from time to time, throughout our lives. Perhaps you’re tossing and turning because of stress at work, or because you had a big argument with your boyfriend.

But how do you know when the occasional sleep issue crosses the line and becomes something you might need to worry about? Here are four signs that you might have a sleep disorder, and that you should see your doctor.

1. You always wake up tired.

Do you go to bed at a reasonable hour and get eight solid hours of sleep, but still wake up feeling exhausted? There may be something stopping you from getting the deep, restful sleep that your body needs.

2. You can’t get to sleep.

Do you toss and turn all night, and you just cannot fall asleep, no matter what you do? You may be suffering from insomnia, or another condition preventing you from sleeping.

3. You can’t stay awake during the day.

Do you struggle to keep your eyes open while at work or school, while driving or even when relaxing at home during the day? You could have sleep apnoea, narcolepsy, or this could be a result of insomnia.

4. You can’t concentrate.

Do you get your solid eight hours, but still struggle to pay attention and focus during the day? Your coordination, reaction time, problem solving skills and attention span are all affected by your quality of sleep. You could have a sleep disorder stopping you from getting the quality of rest you need.