Fluoride: Good for Teeth and Batteries

December 11, 2018

Our lives are filled with all manner of devices meant to make our lives easier, more efficient and allow us increased leisure time. However, this technology comes at a cost: recharging of these devices, often on a daily basis.

This inconvenience might become less annoying, thanks to researchers from several institutions who have been focusing on the creation of fluoride batteries, which can hold a longer charge.

The researchers – most of whom hail from the University of North Carolina and the California Institute of Technology – have developed the first rechargeable fluoride liquid battery that works at room temperature.

Professor Robert Grubbs, co-author of the published article discussing the breakthrough, said: “Fluoride batteries can have a higher energy density, which means they may last longer – up to eight times longer than [the lithium-ion] batteries in use today.”

The group used simulations to alter the charge flow, and to improve stability and performance. The technology is still new, but fluoride batteries could be on the market sooner than you think.