For Sale: 1 Laptop with 6 (Potentially Devastating) Viruses

May 21, 2019

The Samsung laptop on auction is unassuming. Its specifications place it around the early 2000’s, and would make an average entry-level PC for someone starting out. Working on this laptop would be difficult however, because of one minor detail: it’s infected with six of the most destructive viruses in the world.

The laptop has a name, “The Persistence of Chaos”, and even has a website dedicated to its live auction.

The device – marketed by its owner, Guo O Dong, as “art” – has six viruses ranging from the time period of 2000 to 2017, including ‘ILOVEYOU’, ‘MyDoom’, ‘SoBig’, ‘WannaCry’, ‘DarkTequila’ and ‘BlackEnergy’.

It is estimated that these pieces of malware have collectively caused damage worth over $90 billion worldwide.

Dong said the reason he created the piece was to “see how the world responds to and values the impact of malware.”

The ominous piece of technology currently has a bid of just over $1,1 million.

Image Credit: Source