He’s Back! Osama bin Laden Spotted at Leeds United

June 25, 2020

A photo of former Al Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, was spotted in Leeds United’s stadium stands during their clash against Cardiff City on Sunday, 21 June, at Elland Road.

With football spectators not currently allowed in the stadium due to the coronavirus pandemic, most teams have offered fans the opportunity to send in their images to be placed in the stands, with the aim of creating something close to a normal atmosphere for matches.

Championship club Leeds United is the latest club to use this strategy to restore some normalcy to their matches. However, this strategy saw bin Laden making an unexpected appearance at Elland Road.

A fan who saw his cutout image of himself placed right next to bin Laden during the game, took to Twitter to express his shock, and the picture went viral online.

The club have confirmed the removal of the former Al Qaeda leader from their fans’ cutouts and will ensure that there are no more offensive images in the stands before their next game against Fulham, on Saturday 27 June 2020.

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