Jennifer Lawrence Defends Nude Scenes

February 28, 2018

Hollywood actress, Jennifer Lawrence, has defended her decision to do nudity for the first time in a film.

Some critics have argued that many of the nude scenes in spy-thriller film, “Red Sparrow”, are unexpectedly explicit and don’t seem to be well-motivated.

The 27-year-old starlet has said that the scenes are vital for her character, and that the nudity was empowering for her.

Lawrence said that the decision was particularly difficult for her, because she was among the many celebrities who had their private photos and videos hacked and released online back in 2014.

She said: “My biggest fear was that people would say, ‘Oh, how can you complain about the hack if you’re going to get nude anyway?’”

The actress explained that she realised there is a difference between choosing to shed her clothes for a role, and having her private images stolen without her consent.

Lawrence also credited her director, Francis Lawrence, with making her feel comfortable on set.

“Red Sparrow” is set for release on 2 March.