Easy ways to a healthier you

July 20, 2018

It’s that word again, the one that always feels so hard to achieve: “healthy”. That means cutting out all sugar, fat, carbs, and gluten. It means going to the gym every day and eating things like kale and quinoa. Right? Wrong!

You don’t need to change your whole lifestyle to be healthier. Every small step you take towards healthier living will add up and make a big difference.

Here are some easy habits that can help you to be just that bit healthier each day.

Take the stairs
Every bit of exercise you get is good for you, especially if you have a desk job. So take the stairs when you can, and walk down to the shops instead of driving there.

Take a multivitamin
While you should still eat your fruits and veggies, a multivitamin will help cover any vitamins you aren’t quite getting enough of.

Try a healthier snack
We all feel the need to munch during the day, but try not to reach for the pies, chips or doughnuts. They have huge amounts of fat and are terrible for your digestive system and arteries. Instead, grab a yoghurt or some fresh fruit for a snack on the go.

Think positive
It may sound silly, but research has shown that having a positive attitude can help build a healthier immune system and boost your overall health.

Take a deep breath
Breathing deeply has a proven calming effect and gives your body some much-needed oxygen. Do this regularly to decrease your stress levels.

Wash your hands
While this may seem like an obvious one, you probably aren’t washing your hands enough. Most viruses get into our systems from our hands. Think about all the things you touch every day: lift buttons, door handles, keyboards, taps, and especially the toilet.

Drink enough water
Your body needs water to stay hydrated and to transport essential nutrients around the body. While we’ve all heard the advice about eight glasses of water a day, how much water you should drink actually depends on your body and lifestyle. Be guided by your thirst, and drink when you’re thirsty.