MIT Researchers Flip over Four-Legged Robot

March 05, 2019

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have designed and developed a robot so nimble it can perform backflips with ease.

The robot – named “Mini Cheetah” – is the first device with four legs to be able to pull off the stunt.

The nine-kilogram robot is also able to bend, swing its legs wide, correct itself when it falls over and even trot at twice the human walk speed over uneven terrain.

Benjamin Katz, lead developer and a technical associate in MIT’s department of mechanical engineering, said: “A big part of why we built this robot is that it makes it so easy to experiment and just try crazy things, because the robot is super robust and doesn’t break easily, and if it does break, it’s easy and not very expensive to fix.”

Scientists are excited for the potential of the automaton, and MIT is already in the process of creating ten more “to form a Mini Cheetah research consortium of engineers, who can invent, swap, and even compete with new ideas.”

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