Modelling Agency Dumps Bianca Schoombee

May 22, 2020

Former Miss South Africa hopeful, Bianca Schoombee, has been fired from her modelling agency after derogatory posts from her Twitter account resurfaced online.

The 21-year-old student and model withdrew her entry from the national beauty pageant when six-year-old tweets of a racist, sexist and body-shaming nature were unearthed by an unknown Twitter user.

SYNC Model Management – which had employed Schoombee – announced her withdrawal on Wednesday, 20 May, via their Twitter account. They also defended her past behaviour, for which she issued an apology that same day.

The next day, however, the modelling agency suddenly announced that they had released Schoombee from her contract “out of respect for the other SYNC Models [sic] and our clients.”

Per their statement, the firing was mutually agreed upon “in a civil manner”. As a result, all of Schoombee’s modelling campaigns have been cancelled.

As for initially defending Schoombee, SYNC added: “We would profusely like to apologise to all South Africans for our actions in our first statement, and the representation and vetting of Bianca Schoombee’s social media.”

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