Natalie Portman Secures Restraining Order Against Stalker

March 14, 2019

Actress Natalie Portman has been granted a permanent restraining order against an alleged stalker who claimed to have spoken “telepathically” with her.

According to reports, the man – whose name has not been revealed, although he identified himself as “John Wick” to the police – had attempted to break into Portman’s Los Angeles property on 31 January.

Police officers who responded to a distress call reported that the man “rang the intercom/doorbell multiple times, but said nothing when attempts to engage him were made over the intercom.”

The man allegedly told officers “that he had spoken to [Portman] several times, telepathically, and that he had traveled from Colorado to Los Angeles to meet the individual.”

The alleged stalker was arrested and placed on mental health hold, while Portman filed a temporary restraining order against him at the time.

Now that a judge has granted Portman’s request for a permanent restraining order, the stalker cannot come within 90 metres of her, her husband Benjamin Millepied, and their two children.

Image Credit: Source