Self-Regenerating Teeth Could Make Dentists Sweat

September 03, 2019

The moment of tooth is nearly here: researchers from the universities of Xiamen and Zheijiang claim to have discovered a way for our teeth to battle tooth decay and repair themselves.

The constant degradation of teeth has long been an issue for humans – what we eat slowly erodes the enamel, which does not grow back. Our current fix is to remove the damaged material and replace it with a hard filling.

The enamel of teeth is made of calcium phospate, and Chinese scientists have made a gel that is made of the same natural ingredient, along with another chemical compound.

This substance allows the new material to fuse with the old to make a single new layer that allows teeth to effectively fix itself.

The team carried out tests on teeth-like models which showed some promise and they then performed the same test on real human teeth – they reported physical enamel growth with nearly the same strength and wear resistance as regular teeth.

The researchers reported no negative side-effects, but mentioned that the process could be further developed to be a “cure for enamel erosion in clinical practice”.