Sugar Rush: The Bitter Truth

April 09, 2019

Ask anyone after having a few sweet treats or fizzy drinks, and they’ll tell you about the subsequent “sugar rush” of energy, alertness and mood. However, a new study suggests that the opposite is actually happening to the body.

Researchers from Germany and the UK recently published an article – after scrutinising dozens upon dozens of studies on sugar consumption and its effect on the human mood – that found that sugar has no effect on mood, and can actually leave you feeling lethargic.

Lead researcher of the study, Dr Konstantinos Mantantzis, said: “Our findings clearly indicate that such claims are not substantiated – if anything, sugar will probably make you feel worse.”

Researchers from the Universities of Humboldt, Warwick and Lancaster studied more than 31 various studies and assessed more than 1250 participants to determine the effects of sugars and starches on various moods, such as anger, depression and fatigue.

Co-author, Dr Sandra Sunram-Lea, said: “Our findings indicate that sugar drinks or snacks do not provide a quick ‘fuel refill’ to make us feel more alert”.