The Real Names of Six Celebrities

May 01, 2019

A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, or so the saying goes. Some consider a name to be a key to destiny, and others in showbiz think it helps you get ahead.

Here are six celebrities and their real names:

Demi Moore

Born Demetria Gynes. Her exes have the names “Walter Willis” and “Christopher Kutcher”.

Albert Brooks

His real name was Albert Einstein and the name change was for a good reason at the time.

Woody Allen

Then again, Allen doesn’t seem like the name of a good Jewish boy, does it?

George Michael

A carelesss whisper would tell you that his real name is George Panayiotou.

Whoopie Goldberg

When your stage name comes from passing wind, and happens to be more memorable, then you run with it.


Cassandra Peterson has been in a James Bond film and supposedly posed for a Tom Waits album cover.