Tunisia: Women March for Rights

March 12, 2018

Hundreds of women took to the streets to demonstrate in Tunis, capital of Tunisia, on Saturday, 10 March, to demand inheritance rights equal to men.

Under a heavy police presence, they marched to parliament to appeal for a law that guarantees equal inheritance for children regardless of their gender.

The current system in Tunisia is based on Islamic Shariah law, and generally grants sons double the inheritance given to daughters.

The North African Muslim country already grants women more rights than many other countries in the region – Muslim women have been allowed to marry non-Muslim men since last year.

Some men joined the protesters, who insist that Tunisian society has evolved so that it can remain Muslim, while modernising its laws.

One activist, Kaouther Boulila, said: “It is true that Tunisian women have more rights compared to other Arab women but we want to be compared with European women. We just want our rights.”

President Beji Caid Essbsi, a secular politician, set up a committee to draft proposals to advance women’s rights late last year.

A special commission studying possible new inheritance laws will present their findings in June.

Image: Tunisian women march [online image] (2018) sourced on 12 March 2018 from https://vid.alarabiya.net/images/2018/03/10/35bc4bd7-ff93-4db1-96df-3df564570ef3/35bc4bd7-ff93-4db1-96df-3df564570ef3_16x9_788x442.JPG