Welcome to Chernobyl, Enjoy Your Free Tan

August 13, 2019

Many see nuclear power as the energy of the future; however, the disaster that struck the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl, Russia on 26 April 1986 left the world a little more fearful than optimistic.

Fast forward 33 years later, and mankind’s fascination with the calamity has not faded at all.

The abandoned city of Chernobyl has become a holiday attraction due to its eerie serenity and tragic history.

The site has a 30-kilometre, no-go zone due to its high radiation levels – and is strictly enforced by the Ukrainian government – but that has not stopped visitors from wandering close to the radiation “hotspots”, such as the Red Forest and the power plant itself.

The rest of the region which is safe to explore is known as the “exclusion zone”.

Jim Smith, a professor of environmental science at the University of Portsmouth, said: “It wouldn’t be right to say that it’s lethal, but if you lived there, you would get a pretty significant radiation dose that could lead to cancer later in life.”

As of 2000, there are about 200 people who live within the exclusion zone.