Welsh Teacher’s Students All Score Top Maths Mark

February 07, 2020

A high school maths teacher in Cardiff, Wales, has been nicknamed “The Maths Whisperer”, after his entire class scored top marks in their maths exams.

Thanks to the guidance of Francis Elive, the class of 30 students at Fitzalan High School all received an A* grade for their maths exams. In Wales, it is equivalent to receiving an A+ grade.

According to reports, the students – most of whom reportedly hail from minority, low-income households – sat for their maths exams seven months earlier.

Last month, they were in for a pleasant surprise when, upon opening their results, they all scored the same results.

Jo Kemp, Elive’s teaching assistant, praised the teacher for helping the class to achieve this stunning result.

He said: “[Elive] instills the belief that they have practiced the hardest maths that they have to ever face, so why be scared of an exam? It’s the belief that they absolutely can do it, and the children think it’s magic.”