February 09, 2023

Bill Gates Dating Oracle CEO’s Widow

Who says technology can’t find you the ideal match? After all, Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, has found love again in the form of a tech CEO’s widow.

According to reports, the 67-year-old software magnate is dating Paula Hurd, a 60-year-old former tech executive who was left widowed by Oracle CEO, Mark Hurd, when he passed away from cancer in 2019.

According to a friend who is apparently close to Gates and Hurd, they have crossed paths over the years and share a mutual love for tennis, including attending a tennis match together in 2015.

“They’re inseparable,” the friend told an English media outlet on Wednesday, 8 February. “They’ve been together over a year, and she’s always described as a ‘mystery woman’, but it’s no mystery to their inner circle that they’re in a romantic relationship.”

This is presumably the first relationship that Gates has pursued since divorcing his wife, Melinda, in 2021. Together, they share three children: 26-year-old Jennifer, 23-year-old Rory, and 20-year-old Phoebe.

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