August 19, 2022

Celeb Twitter Round-Up: Fans React to “DiepCity” Getting Canned

Bad news for “DiepCity” fans – Mzansi Magic is pulling the plug on the telenovela after only two seasons.

On Thursday, 18 August, entertainment blogger Phil Mphela tweeted that “DiepCity” was getting canned:

Black Brain Pictures, which produces the telenovela, confirmed the news in a statement via Twitter:

Per the statement,” DiepCity has always been envisaged to be two years production [sic] in partnership with Mzansi Magic and now the contract is nearing its end. A deliberate and strategic move by Mzansi Magic, to offer viewers a dynamic show that would keep them glued to their screens and secure that slot.”

Soon enough, the Twitter streets became flooded with sadness and outrage over the cancellation:

Some peeps lamented about the fates of their favourite characters:

@tshifaromurovhi reckoned that a show like “Gomora” should’ve gotten canned instead:

And then there were tweeps like @SimthoBiyela and @moeketsisimarupi2 who were glad that “DiepCity” was going down:

All this led @TboozaSA to lament about the quality of our homegrown productions, prompting @AmuBasa2 to chime in about their writing standards:

Farewell, “DiepCity”, you will be (mostly) missed!

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