January 18, 2023

Celeb Twitter Round-Up: Msaki’s Goodbye Tweets Spark Concern

Singer-songwriter Msaki is arousing concern among fans and followers alike after posting some eyebrow-raising tweets on Tuesday, 17 January.

It first started when she posted this:

Sad and cryptic all at the same time – doubtlessly, those viewing the tweet were concerned, even more so when she followed it up with this tweet:

Followed by her posting pics of her hanging out with her nearest and dearest friends:

Fans immediately sent in their well-wishes to the “Hlelo” songstress, who responded to @ntombendala_ with a somewhat uplifting reply:

The loving messages continued pouring in, with some hoping that she’ll use her music as an outlet for her feelings and to kickstart her healing process:

Of course, where there was positivity, there was also negativity, as peeps like @Mrs__P claimed that Msaki’s tweets were covering up for the fact she (allegedly) had an affair with 5FM radio presenter/married man, Smash Afrika. Msaki, though, did not appreciate this claim in the slightest:

Overall, the tone of Msaki’s tweets and responses have prompted other tweeps to raise concerns about her mental wellbeing, and whether or not her goodbye refers to a Twitter hiatus, a music hiatus, or something far more disturbing:

@PatBambalele came in with somewhat reassuring news:

Indeed, Msaki will be opening for US jazz musician Gregory Porter later this month when he performs in South Africa, so clearly she’s not taking a rest from performing (yet).

But still, tweeps are hoping, praying and rooting for Msaki that she’ll pull through whatever’s got her feeling down.

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