February 14, 2023

China to Construct Huge Offshore Wind Farm

As the world slowly makes progress on the switch to renewable energy sources, a Chinese company recently unveiled a project to build the world’s largest wind farm, and is now already into its second phase.

The China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) is slowly making progress on building the Zhangpu Liuao wind farm, situated in the southern part of the Fujian province, which will have the largest wind turbines in the world.

One behemoth (produced in partnership with Goldwind Technology) will stand 146 metres above the South China Sea, each blade spinning with a rotor diameter of 252 metres.

Each of these 16-megawatt (MW) towers, the state-owned CTG claims, will produce enough clean electricity at full spin to keep the lights on for roughly 36 000 households, and avoid 54 000 tonnes of carbon dioxide being emitted per year. The $885-million investment will have a generational capacity of 400 MW once its second phase concludes.

Ever the enterprising nation, Chinese news outlets have confirmed that prototypes for turbines capable of 18 MW are already being produced, and further plans for additional wind farms are being discussed.

Evidently, the future of green energy is not just a load of hot air.