October 22, 2021

Here’s a Scent-sational Way to Make CO2 Perfume

Greenhouse gases never smelled so good!

Thanks to Air Company – a New York City-based lifestyle/tech business – you can now own your own bottle of Air Eau de Parfum, a fragrance made from carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

The process is as follows: capturing CO2 emissions from nearby factories in Brooklyn, they combine these with hydrogen that it makes from electrolysis (whereby oxygen and hydrogen in water are split apart). Then, mimicking the process of photosynthesis, they are able to create sustainable ethanol.

The ethanol is then used to make the carbon-negative Air Eau de Parfum, which is blended at fragrance company Joya Studio.

Hints of synthetic scents such as fig leaf, orange peel, jasmine, violet, tobacco and powdery musk – all of which have less environmental impact in production – are used to create the perfume’s pleasing aroma.

CEO Gregory Constantine says that the process will not only be used to create other sustainable products – carbon-negative alcohol, for example – but it will also result in less commercial ethanol being produced, enabling farmers to use their lands for other fruitful purposes.

Constantine said: “The goal for us has always been to use these products in our own internal research and development for the company, but [also] as beacons for people to show you that you can make these really sustainable products that people use every day in their lives.”

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