February 10, 2022

Libyan PM Survives Assassination Attempt

Libyan Prime Minister Abdulhamid al-Dbeibah has escaped unharmed following an attempted assassination by a person or persons unknown.

Early this morning, Thursday 10 January, Dbeibah was returning to his home in Tripoli when his chauffered car was attacked.

According to anonymous sources, a passing vehicle opened fire on his car with a light weapon, most likely a Kalashnikov. Although one of the bullets managed to penetrate the windshield, the prime minister and his driver managed to escape to safety.

An investigation into the failed assassination has been launched by Libya’s prosecutor general.

The attempt on Dbeibah’s life comes almost a year after he was installed as the interim head of the United Nations-backed Government of National Unity (GNU), which was meant to unify the country’s divided institutions and oversee the run-up to last December’s presidential election.

However, the elections were postponed indefinitely due to disputes about fundamental rules governing the election, the eventual powers of the next president and parliament, and the eligibility of the main candidates, Dbeibah included.

Additionally, Dbeibah declared earlier this week that he would resist any attempts by the parliament to replace his Tripoli-based GNU.

Image Credit: Source