October 10, 2022

Monday Motivation: 10 October

Got the Monday blues? Reclaim the day and set the tone for the entire week with these helpful, motivational tidbits:

“Let your love be the kindness to make a homeless person believe that a soul needs something more than just four walls and a ceiling” – Munia Khan

10 October marks World Homeless Day. Across the globe, millions of individuals are living in homelessness or have access to inadequate shelter. They also lack access to basic human rights such as water, food, sanitation and education – rights that we often take for granted.

As such, we’ve rounded up quotes related to homelessness, starting with one from author Munia Khan.

By showing kindness and generosity to those in need, you’re giving them hope and, in a sense, making them feel like they have worth and purpose. Although making a practical difference (offering shelter, food and sanitation) is important, it’s equally important to help those in need realise that they shouldn’t be defined by a job or house or material possessions – it’s their soul, and their soul is entitled to a place in this world like the rest of us.

“Freedom is meaningless if people cannot put food in their stomachs, if they can have no shelter, if illiteracy and disease continue to dog them” – Nelson Mandela

In most cases, freedom is considered a right. But in societies where homelessness is rife, freedom seems more like a privilege, and an absolute one at that, especially for those who have the means to buy foodstuffs, receive learning and healthcare, and have a bed to sleep in at night.

If you are in a position where you have access to all of these ordinary privileges (ie. have “freedom”), then you can put them to good use by sharing with others who lack them. Research and learn about impacted communities and the challenges they face. Use your resources to help volunteer, fundraise and/or sponsor basic needs and skills opportunities. And don’t forget to take the lead from those you’re trying to help – this is about their lives, and you can’t afford to jeopardise them by speaking over them or centering yourself.

“It takes a society to combat homelessness, and a strong nation to fight poverty” – Wayne Chirisa

One person can do good things, but a whole lot of people can do amazing things.

Raise awareness of homelessness by bringing it to the attention of your local community or school, workplace, retailer etc. Organisation and implementation requires many hands and minds working together as one – rehabilitative programmes, fundraisers, campaigns and sponsorships are just some of the group activities that could be put together for the betterment of homeless folks.

It also requires a great deal of strength and commitment; if we can all act together, homelessness and similar issues will be far easier to tackle and (one day) eradicate.