March 30, 2022

Monreal: Mesut Ozil Had Problems with Everyone

Mesut Ozil’s rocky career at Arsenal is well-documented, but apparently it was much worse than we thought.

Sitting down with a British footballing website most recently, ex-Gunners defender Nacho Monreal lifted the lid on his former team-mate, who joined Arsenal in 2013 when it was still under the helm of Arsene Wenger.

According to Monreal, Ozil had “problems with everyone”, including Wenger – that is, until the coach vacated his position in 2018.

“It ended badly with Wenger,” he explained. “[Ozil] didn’t play the last few games with him, then [Unai] Emery tried to bring him back and make him our leader.”

However, Emery “understood there were other teammates who were in better condition” to become captain, due to Ozil’s recurring injuries. As such, the two men famously clashed on the field and behind the scenes.

Falling out of favour with Emery’s successor, Mikel Arteta, culminated in Ozil joining Fenerbahce in Turkey, where he has yet to reclaim his former glory.

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