January 05, 2021

Rachel Kolisi: “COVID Affecting the Kids Too”

Businesswoman and the wife of Siya Kolisi, the Springbok captain, Rachel Kolisi, has been in isolation after contracting COVID-19.

After her positive result, they tested the whole family to be safe, and discovered that her youngest daughter, 3-year-old Keziah, and Siya’s 13-year-old sister, Liphelo, both tested positive for the virus.

Rachel said in an Instagram post: “The virus — I don’t know what strain of it — but Covid is definitely affecting the kids too. Liphelo has full-on adult symptoms and it’s been rough. Keziah, praise the Lord, didn’t have any symptoms at all and is her usual happy self.”

Regarding her own health, Rachel said that she was remaining in isolation even after completing her 14 days because she was still not feeling well. 

She said: “My taste and smell are slowly returning but definitely not there yet. My throat is sore, I still sound like I have sinus and I still run out of breath really quickly.”