February 25, 2022

SA Moms, Teachers Use Maths to Build Better Communities

Retired school teachers and unemployed mothers in South Africa’s Western Cape have a new lease on life, thanks to a powerful initiative designed to help learners living in disadvantaged communities.

Established in 2016, MathMoms is a non-profit organisation that employs teachers and mothers to mentor children – specifically Grades 2-3 learners – in the subject of basic mathematics.

“[A MathMom] works with two learners at a time during school hours, working with four learners per day,” according to their official website. “Children in her neighbourhood also receive guidance from her. She is required to support at least four children at home with maths and homework.”

MathMoms operates out of Elsies River, Bishop Lavis, Ravensmead, and the Breede River area in Worcester, where poverty and gang violence are rife.

As such, the primary goals of MathMoms are to create safe spaces for children to learn maths, improve better parental involvement in schools, and build more empowered, cohesive communities.

To date, the organisation has taught 1 400 children at 23 schools, and it’s all thanks to the efforts of these women. To support this cause, one can make a donation by visiting MathMoms’ website.

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