June 02, 2021

South Africa: Pan-African Parliament Sees Another Disruption

The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) once again saw its proceedings halted on Tuesday, 1 June, after regional members clashed over the leadership vote.

The meeting of the continent’s representatives – which is taking place in Midrand, Johannesburg in South Africa – was supposed to be held from 21 May until 4 June, whereby they would elect its new president and vice-president.

However, the congregation has been marred by scuffles from those in attendance since it first started.

Disruptions first started on Monday, 31 May, when the leader of the South African (SA) delegation, Amos Masonda, accused the eastern and western caucuses for failing to uphold the African Union’s statute of the PAP presidency being moved on a rotational basis.

Soon the rest of the SA and Zimbabwean parliamentarians joined in voicing their criticisms.

The chamber eventually erupted into chaos as members fought over the speaker’s podium, and the discussion was immediately paused.

PAP Secretariat spokesperson, Jeffrey Onganga, stated afterwards that the proceedings would be suspended for the third time, this time indefinitely, until a recommencement date is confirmed in due course.

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