September 01, 2021

South Sudan: Fresh Batch of Vaccines Arrive

A new shipment of coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines has arrived in the Republic of South Sudan.

The north African nation started inoculating its population in April with the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine – which it had received from the COVAX facility in March – but had exhausted its supply by early July, halting its vaccination programme.

Since the campaign started, South Sudan’s medical sector had managed to immunise 56 989 people against COVID-19. However, many were still awaiting their second shot.

Fabian Ndezako, a World Health Organisation representative, announced on Tuesday, 31 August, that an additional 59 520 Oxford-AstraZeneca doses had been received in the country.

He said that those already inoculated would get their chance to be fully immunised, while others would get their first chance soon.

To date, South Sudan has confirmed a total of 11 436 cases of COVID-19; of that amount, 10 948 people have recovered, while the virus has claimed 120 lives.

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