February 14, 2022

Spurs Fans Refuse to Stop Using the Y-Word

Tottenham Hotspur supporters have reportedly refused to stop chanting the anti-Semitic Y-word during matches, despite the club’s pleas.

This anti-Semitic word is nowadays used as a derogatory term for Jewish people, however, for Tottenham, the “Y**” is a term that was adopted by the club in the 1970s, and used in chants as a badge of honour.

After conducting a fanbase survey in 2020, The Spurs discovered that over 90% of their supporters were aware of the offensive nature of the Y-Word, and would stop using it if asked not to

Jewish groups have appealed to the club in the past to take action against the use of the word. The FA have also, in its fight to stop discrimination in the English game, issued a warning.

On Thursday, 10 February, the club issued a statement urging fans to stop using the word.

The statement reads: “We recognise how these members of our fanbase feel and we also believe it is time to move on from associating this term with our Club.”

A few days after the request, however, the chant was still sung out loud during the club’s Premier League 2-0 defeat against Wolves on Sunday, 13 February 2022.

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