October 08, 2021

“Squid Game” Oopsie Results in Multiple Calls for Korean Woman

A woman from South Korea has been battling a barrage of calls, courtesy of a small detail in the Netflix drama series, “Squid Game”.

The surprise hit series is about hundreds of contestants who take part in risky, child-like games with a gory twist – acting as a subtle social commentary on economic inequality – in order to win a huge cash prize of $38 million.

However, one scene features a character turning over an invitation to one of the aforementioned games. It shows a number, one that fans have taken to calling, thus making life “hard” for Kim Gil-young of Seongju, South Korea.

The businesswoman recently told a local newspaper: “This is a number that I’ve been using for more than 10 years, so I’m quite taken aback … At first I didn’t know why, but my friend told me that my number came out in “Squid Game” and that’s when I realised.”

News of the poor woman’s plight reached Netflix, who has since edited out the annoying detail from the show.

Since releasing last month on the streaming service, ”Squid Game” has topped viewing lists in multiple countries, becoming one of the most-watched series in the world.

Image Credit: Source