September 03, 2021

Teen Girl, 14, Praised for Fire Rescue Efforts

A 14-year-old girl from England has been praised after helping to save people trapped inside a burning building.

Last Tuesday, 24 August, Lily Swanson of Leyland, Lancashire had been walking her dog near her home when she detected a burning smell in the air. After looking around, she saw a billow of smoke wafting out of a nearby apartment window above a clothes’ shop.

Keeping her cool, Swanson quickly returned home, woke her napping father Mike, and promptly called the fire brigade. Then, she and her father – who grabbed his ladders – returned to the scene, where they helped the trapped inhabitants to escape.

Swanson said: “We opened the ladders and leaned them against the building and there were two or three people trying to climb out … But then the fire brigade showed up very quickly and took over.”

Soon, the building was entirely evacuated. According to recent investigation findings, the fire began in the kitchen of one of the flats.

Jonny Nottingham, manager of the Leyland fires station, praised young Swanson for her quick-thinking: “We have seen in the past that people can have lots of different reactions to seeing a fire but Lily showed maturity and calmness beyond her years to quickly and effectively notify us.”

Image Credit: Source