August 20, 2021

US Meme Artist Raises Millions for Afghan Rescue

After the Taliban recently seized control of Afghanistan, an American Internet meme artist has rallied others to help Afghans to flee the country.

In response to the Islamist extremist group taking over the South Asian country, Tommy Marcus of New York City – better known as “Quentin Quarantino”, who’s known for his anti-capitalist content – launched a GoFundMe page on Wednesday, 18 August, to fly targetted citizens out of the capital city of Kabul.

On the page, Quarantino explained: “The individuals in question are high-value targets – Afghan men and women who have worked as human rights lawyers, champions of Women’s and LGBTQ rights, journalists, government liaisons, artists and interpreters – all of whom are at imminent risk of being executed by the Taliban, along with their families.”

Within nearly 40 minutes, the campaign raised $550 000, the goal amount needed to fuel two airplanes to fly in and out of Kabul to another country.

To date, over 108 000 people have donated nearly $6.3 million and counting towards the campaign.

Thanking donors on Twitter, Quarantino wrote: “We are making sure everyone we know is accounted for and have proper names, identifications and access to the airport. We’re working with multiple groups to make sure those folks are vetted and sponsored.”

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