December 10, 2021

3 Things to Never Say in a Text Message

While texting has become one of the most convenient ways of communication, we still need to think twice about the text messages we send, specifically the way that our words might come across.

Certain types of message are best saved for face-to-face conversations to ensure that we don’t hurt or upset anyone.

Here are three things not to say over a text message:

Private Information

Personal information – such as credit card details and email passwords – that is sent through a text might end up in the wrong hands.

Nowadays, hackers may be able to access information on your phone without your knowledge.


Ending a relationship via text is a no-go area. Breaking up with your partner is sure to cause them emotional pain, so it’s best to have that conversation face-to-face. It might also help your partner to heal quicker.

Bad News

Bad news, such as announcing death or serious health issues, are best not said over text.

Hearing that someone has passed or has been diagnosed with a terminal illness never feels good, but it’s better when announced face-to face.

This is because if you send it over text, you have no idea where that person is or what they’ll do when they receive it.