January 07, 2021

4 Animals Who Were Elected to Office

When it comes to politics, many people think that it would be better to leave it to animals instead of humans.

Throughout history, however, there actually have been animals who have been put forward as political candidates – and won a seat in office!

Take a look at these four instances when politics literally went to the dogs, among other creatures:

Duke the Dog

In 2014, a Great Pyrenees by the name of Duke was elected as mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota. He went on to hold the ceremonial position for another three years – per reports, his duties included partaking in parades, and generally making sure that “everything is runnin’ okay”.

Sadly, Duke passed away in 2019 at the age of 13. Out of respect for the political pooch, the mayoral position has remained vacant.

Clay Henry the Goat (and the Kids)

In 1986, Clay Henry the goat was elected the ceremonial mayor of Lajitas, Texas. Although he enjoyed a good rapport with his constituents and alcohol-laden tourists, his love for beer preceded him – he was known to chug 35 beers a day.

After his death in 1992, the old goat was succeeded by his son, Clay Henry Jr., who also enjoyed the occasional beer. Unfortunately, he was headbutted to death by his own kid, Clay Henry III, who immediately took over his position in 1996.

Cacareco the Black Rhino

To protest against rampant corruption in Brazil’s government, the residents of Sao Paulo voted for the then-four-year-old rhino to become a member of the city council in 1958. She claimed a stunning victory after receiving over 100 000 votes, more than any other candidates in the election.

Although officials did not accept her candidacy, Cacareco was clearly accepted by Sao Paulo residents, and ruled over their hearts until her death in 1962.

Pigasus the Pig

Honourable mention goes to Pigasus, who aimed to become the first porcine president of the United States in America.

In 1968, the Youth International Party – nicknamed the “Yippies” – nominated Pigasus as their presidential candidate. He was backed by prominent activists including Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman.

Unfortunately, Pigasus’ political ambitions were cut short after he and seven other Yippies were arrested in Chicago, due to the former being paraded around on a leash while Rubin was making a speech. Still, if he had been elected, no doubt Pigasus would not have made a hash of the job!

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