December 22, 2020

4 Nations With the Tallest Populations

Nothing stands out more in a crowd than someone who is exceptionally tall. Humans come in all shapes and forms, from all countries across the globe and the most immediate trait that is often picked up on is how short or tall the people of an area are. Here are four nations with exceptionally lengthy people: Norway The Scandinavian land with a history full of vikings, a pantheon of colourful deities and heavy metal music, Norway can also boast of the height of its citizens – clocking in at an average of 1.824 metres today, Norwegians can certainly say that they do their ancestors proud. Denmark Denmark shares genes with the Netherlands so it’s only understandable that they have towery people at an average of 1.826 metres across the genders. Besides height, the Danes also boast some rather good-looking citizens thanks to a combination of circumstances, location and neighbours. Montenegro  This small nation sandwiched in the Balkans certainly doesn’t have a miniature populace as the average height is typically 1.832 metres. All that clean mountain air and great weather certainly does a body good, and it shows. Netherlands The tallest people on the planet happen to be Dutch, and thanks to their quality of life and good diet, they have a stature averaging at 1.838 metres. Thanks to their size, you’ll often find the buildings in the Netherlands with long doorways to better allow access for its giant citizens.