September 15, 2023

4 Steps to Spring-Cleaning Your Wardrobe

Cleaning out your wardrobe can be quite a daunting task, but it can also be rewarding.

It’s very important to set time aside for this task, because it’s likely that this process will involve taking everything out of your wardrobe, trying on everything, and putting (almost) everything back in an orderly fashion.

Sounds like a lot of work, but if it means scoring more space in your wardrobe, then it’s definitely worth it.

Take a look at these four steps to help you get started:

Determine Your Personal Style

Once you’ve determined your personal dress style, you’re then able to leave space for any piece of clothing that you want to keep, as well as throw out items that aren’t true to the real you.

Divide and Conquer

Start going through your clothing and sort them into two piles – the ‘Yes’ pile and the ‘No’ pile.

The ‘Yes’ Pile

This pile comprises of items that suit your style, are in good condition and can be worn all-year round. In other words, these are the items that are definitely going back inside your wardrobe.

The ‘No’ Pile

Whether they don’t fit, haven’t been worn in months or they don’t suit your style, the clothes in this pile don’t belong in your life (or wardrobe) anymore. These can be donated to charity, sold to a vintage store or thrown away.