February 15, 2021

Aaron Moloisi Slams Sangoma Rumours

Actor and television host, Aaron Moloisi, is putting his foot down on reports that he is a practising sangoma, or traditional healer.

On previous occasions, fans have noticed that the “Moja Love” presenter – who has earned the respectful nickname, “Mkhulu” – has been wearing a necklace of white beads. Traditionally, they are worn by “izangoma”, or people born with spiritual gifts.

The most recent photo of Moloisi wearing these beads came on 3 February via Instagram, where he is pictured standing next to Makhosi Keagile Kamo Malatji, a traditional healer and herbalist in her own right.

However, in an interview with a local media outlet on Friday, 12 February, Moloisi shut down the rumours.

He said: “Just because people call me ‘Mkhulu’ or say ‘Thokoza gogo’ … doesn’t mean that I’m a sangoma. They say that out of respect.”

Explaining that he wears the necklace to express his heritage, Moloisi emphatically added: “I’m African and proud.”

Image Credit: Source