February 10, 2023

Africa Joins International Rescue Effort in Turkey, Syria

Algeria, Libya and South Africa have joined other countries and organisations from around the world in sending rescue teams to assist Turkey and Syria in the wake of a devastating 7.8 earthquake.

Two teams from South Africa (humanitarian aid organisation Gift of the Givers, and the official Medi Response) arrived in Turkey on Wednesday, 8 February, to provide desperately needed aid.

“Amid the shattered remains of buildings and homes, rescuers are tirelessly combing through the rubble to find and save anyone who may still be trapped,” Gift of the Givers said on their Facebook page.

Turkish Airlines has shown its appreciation for the rescue teams by sponsoring their air tickets and cargo costs.

More than 21 000 people are confirmed to have died in the earthquake, which took place early Monday morning, 6 February. Freezing temperatures have added an extra strain to many of those who are staying in temporary shelters.

On Thursday, 9 February, the World Bank pledged $1.78 billion in aid to Turkey. The United States of America has also pledged to send $85 million to both countries. The funds will go towards rebuilding each nation’s infrastructure and assisting the millions of people who have been impacted.

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