November 15, 2022

Anne Heche Estate Sued By Crash-Site Home Owner

A lawsuit has been filed against the estate of the late actress Anne Heche by Lynne Mishele, the woman who lost her home in the fiery car crash that claimed Heche’s life.

According to reports, the lawsuit was revealed on Monday, 14 November, by an international publication. Mishele claims that she and her pets nearly lost their lives in August when Heche’s Mini Cooper crashed into her home in Los Angeles, California, and caught ablaze. 

Shortly after the accident, reports state that the car flew deep into the interior of the house, landing “just a few feet away” from where Mishele, her two dogs and her tortoise happened to be at the time.

In the court documents, the devastated homeowner claims that her entire home was destroyed by the ensuing fire, along with “an entire life’s worth” of possessions.

A GoFundMe campaign was also started by Mishele’s neighbours in light of the accident, which has raised over $183 000.

As Heche passed without a will, the subject of her estate has been hotly contested, with one of her sons claiming it’s worth $2 million while another valuing it at only $400 000. Mishele is suing for at least $2 million in damages.

Image Credit: Source