March 24, 2022

Biden, World Leaders to Discuss Russia-Ukraine Conflict

US President Joe Biden and other world leaders are due to meet today, Thursday 24 March, to discuss steps in tackling the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Biden – as well as leaders of member countries belonging to G7, the European Union (EU), and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) – will convene at NATO’s headquarters in Brussels, Belgium for three back-to-back summits.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will appear by video link to address both NATO and EU leaders.

The goal of these summits is to discuss the provision of further aid to Ukraine, which was invaded by Russian forces last month on the orders of President Vladimir Putin.

Deploying more military troops and providing weapons to Ukrainian troops are topics that will likely top the summits’ agendas.

Over 900 Ukrainian citizens have perished in the invasion, while over three million people have fled Ukraine to neighbouring countries in search of refuge. Those remaining have had to deal with the repercussions, namely the lack of access to food, water and heating.

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