May 11, 2022

Celeb Twitter Round-Up: Did Minnie Dlamini Have an Affair?

Today, it’s Minnie Dlamini who’s trending online – albeit for the wrong reasons!

Three months ago, the sports show presenter announced on Instagram that she and her husband, Quinton Jones, were getting divorced:

Now, it’s come to light that Dlamini was allegedly cheating on her husband during their marriage, which led to the end of their relationship:

On Tuesday, 11 May, entertainment blogger Musa Khawula tweeted this out:

He also revealed the name of Dlamini’s alleged lover – Edwin Sodi, an affluent businessman and “tenderpreneur” based in Johannesburg. And apparently, Sodi has been pampering the beauty and her pals with all sorts of luxuries:

But that’s not all, folks: if Khawula is to be believed, Sodi has previously “blessed” South Africa’s hottest stars, including influencer Mihlali Ndamase, style icon Kefilwe Mabote, actress Thuli Phongolo, and many, MANY more:

To drive the point home, the blogger also posted selfies of Ndamase and influencer/businesswoman Karen Zulu, which were supposedly taken at Sodi’s house:

Mzansi Twitter flocked to the timelines to share their thoughts on Dlamini’s alleged infidelity:

@JustStar_ wondered out loud about what controversial podcaster MacG was thinking about this drama:

And of course, MacG chimed in on Twitter with his two cents’ worth:

@Yanelsas and @bigxhosa_ presented their hot takes:

Another tweep (unnecessarily) brought up Nethu, Dlamini and Jones’ son, in the conversation:

Other tweeps defended Dlamini and called out the rest of Twitter for aiming their shade-ridden shots at her:

Neither Dlamini nor Sodi have commented on their alleged affair, but keep your eyes peeled on the trending lists!

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