December 01, 2023

Celeb Twitter Round-Up: Faith Nketsi’s Divorce Sparks Marriage Debate

It’s barely been 24 hours since influencer/model Faith Nketsi announced that she and her husband, Nzuzu Njili, were getting divorced, and already Mzansi Twitter are out here acting like old people who are only happy when they’re complaining about something.

See, Nketsi posted this statement to Instagram on Thursday, 30 November:

Yup, it’s Happy Marriage Land one day and then downhill to Divorceville the next!

Over on Twitter/X, a tweep named @Dineo_thulii commented on the situation, bringing up past rumours regarding Nketsi’s alleged infidelity while also lamenting about the state of marriages these days:

This opened the floodgates for other tweeps to nag on about getting hitched, the joys and baggage that come with it, and how it’s all for money, clicks and likes these days, among other things:

@Lerasko_ tried to keep it positive in Nketsi’s case, especially considering that Njili is currently embroiled in several corruption and fraud scandals at the moment:

To which @visse_ss snarked:

And if the rumours are true, Nketsi could be moving on with yet another businessman:

Judging from the sound of things, this Mayisela guy is not only rich and already married, but he’s also allegedly, supposedly, apparently had some shady dealings in the past (and present).

As you can tell, tweeps reckon that Nketsi has a type:

Nketsi herself has already stated that she’s “not seeing anyone right now”, so we’re taking her word … for now!

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