January 24, 2024

Celeb Twitter Round-Up: Nadia Nakai Dedicates Song to AKA

10 February marks the anniversary of rapper AKA’s tragic murder, and his girlfriend/fellow rapper Nadia Nakai is preparing to honour his memory in the best way possible.

After AKA – real name Kiernan Forbes – was shot dead by hooded gunmen in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, Nakai was left raw with grief. Yet despite the pain she went through (and probably is still feeling), she decided that she wasn’t going to let it swallow her up.

Observe this tweet from 28 September last year:

Part-motivation AND part-prophecy, because fast-forward to Monday, 22 January, Bragga uploaded this little audio snippet to Twitter/X:

“Never Leave”, which also features the rap stylings of Kashcpt, is set to drop this Friday, 26 January. It’s dedicated to AKA, who would have celebrated his 36th birthday two days later.

The sick beat heard in the snippet is overlaid by Nakai’s bars, which are laden with sadness, introspection and hope. And so far, it’s got the approval of many fans (and it’s got them deep in their feels):

“Never Leave” will ultimately form part of a tribute album made in AKA’s honour, as Nakai confirmed on Tuesday, 23 January:

Tweeps are excited about hearing her new material. At the same time, they expressed their love and joy for her, while also providing words of encouragement and comfort, which she definitely appreciated:

We can’t wait to hear the single when it drops on Friday, and we certainly can’t wait to hear the album. Wherever he is, AKA is definitely proud of his lady!

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