November 16, 2022

Celeb Twitter Round-Up: “Namaste Otherwise” – Msaki on Affair Scandal

Singer-songwriter Msaki is here to make it clear that she’s not going to let allegations about her being somebody’s side-chick bother her on the road to musical greatness.

South Africa was left shooketh after it was reported that 5FM radio presenter/married man, Smash Afrika, was cheating on his wife Kefiloe Chuene with Msaki:

In response, Msaki had this to say on Tuesday, 15 November:

Her stans immediately gave her their support, ie. heart emojis aplenty:

Peeps like @Sibo_MU especially liked that “Namaste Otherwise” tidbit:

But the rest of Mzansi Twitter? They’re calling her out for her alleged homewrecking tendencies:

What do you think, folks? Is there any meat to these spicy affair allegations, or are people just gnawing on a dry old bone? Watch this space and namaste otherwise!

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