October 14, 2022

Celeb Twitter Round-Up: Nota Baloyi Accuses AKA of Sabotage

Apparently, Nota Baloyi doesn’t only hate on black women and social media influencers – he’s now extending his hatred to fellow rapper AKA.

On Thursday, 13 October, Baloyi had a bone to pick with AKA, accusing him of using his current beef with Cassper Nyovest to boost his own album sales, thus sabotaging the chances of Costa Titch, who recently released his latest album, “Made in Africa”:

Baloyi also dragged Yanga Chief into the mix, claiming that AKA wouldn’t be anywhere without him:

To prove his point about AKA’s “success”, the music executive pulled up some numbers to prove that the “Lemons” hitmaker was fudging about being top of the charts, when he’s only really Number 2:

First of all, most peeps like @Small_Alisons couldn’t believe that Baloyi thought Titch was bigger than AKA:

Secondly, some peeps like @okmalumsteven wondered what was the issue of having the second-most played song in SA:

Thirdly, the rest of Twitter reckoned Baloyi was being misery/desperation/bitterness/every inch of negativity personified:

The AKA fans (or stans, if you like) stood up for their idol, while bashing Baloyi for clout-chasing:

Then there were others who tried to defend Baloyi, who also chipped in his usual polite manner:

Meanwhile, neither AKA, Costa Titch nor Yanga Chief have yet to comment on Baloyi’s Twitter tirade – a good thing really, because we all deserve some sort of peace and quiet this weekend!