January 10, 2024

Celeb Twitter Round-Up: Trolls Gender-Bash Caster Semenya

When it comes to Twitter/X, “New year, new you” is an extremely alien (if not non-existent) concept. On the other hand, “New year, same old [bleep]” is a mainstay of this social media platform.

That definitely applies to the South African section of Twitter/X, who can be happy and miserable in equal measure – just ask Olympic athlete Caster Semenya, who was on the brunt of Mzansi tweeps’ love and loathing earlier this week.

On Sunday, 7 January, Semenya’s wife Ledile Violet posted this pic to her Instagram account in celebration of their seven-year anniversary:

Seven years is an astronomical number where marriage is concerned in celebdom, so congrats to the happy couple!

Some tweeps also shared their congratulatory messages:

As usual, however, the social media trolls emerged from under their bridges to gender-bash Semenya, who has naturally high testosterone levels yet constantly finds herself being mislabelled as a man, particularly by those who discriminate against her for running in women’s running competitions.

As you can no doubt tell, the discrimination in these tweets (along with shades of homophobia) is rampant:


Yup, very mature stuff right here.

@mokone_eddie, @Madzalaetic and @NontobekoMajok3 took umbrage at the likes of @Mickzo for their ugly treatment of Semenya:


@DrIanKanini was a little less polite about his take on the trolling:

Ah, Twitter/X. Never change. Or, you know, please do. Whatever helps to lessen the daily toxicity, we suppose.

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